Pittsburg Foundry Custom Cast Brands

What you will receive

  • The custom cast branding iron
  • A 13" long threaded steel handle
  • My personal guarantee of your satisfaction!

Sample Images


Custom brands are currently priced at $85 for 4" and smaller sizes.  Most places you will find on the internet will start at $90 to $120 for a single letter design and up-charge for the second letter, the rocking symbol or whatever.  Brands larger than 4" but within 5" are priced at $95.  Steel handles are included with each branding iron.  You pay nothing until you approve the computer-generated artwork.  Your brand will match the computer generated artwork in every way within a few thousandths of an inch!  If you are unsatisfied with the brand, return it to me and I will return your money.

Ordering Process

The first step is to contact Pittsburg Foundry with your design.  We can take a written description, a computer CAD file, a FAX copy of an image or you can even mail me a hand sketch.  We have manufactured thousands and thousands of freeze branding irons from things like cell phone pictures of vinyl decals and pencil drawings on the back of a napkin.   You can download our order form, sketch in your brand design, and send us an image of that form.

Second, I will send you a computer generated CAD drawing via email as a .pdf file, FAX or even US mail if that is our only option.  After you approve the computer generated art, we email you an invoice and get started on the brand.  There are links on the invoice where you can pay securely online with major credit cards,  PayPal or electronic check.  You can always send a paper check in the mail if that is your preference. Your brand will be completed and shipped in about a week.

If you are dissatisfied with the brand after receiving it, simply return it for a full refund.

Freeze Branding How-To
There is a page from the main site here that gives you all the instructions you need to make successful freeze brands yourself even if you have never witnessed the process before.